HR-V Epecuén

July 2015, Villa Epecuén, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Was that time that everybody was killing eachother to have a cool shot on their ig for a couple of likes, lol.

Yea, 500×500 pixels photo platform, fuck me.

I was a side ph (not a pro, not an amateur photographer) for Renato Tarditti, who was the director of Movil magazine a that moment, now it’s Miura Mag. (No kidding but Miura and Movil were/are same level as Ramp or Intersection, high level car media.)
I told him once that we MUST do a shooting in Epecuén some day with a press car. So we got the new Honda HR-V, (greeeat daily car btw). Asked my high school friends to join and we head to the unknown/zombie town.

(Edited) Was MY FRIEND, Micaela’s idea to go to Epecuén. Before having a press car and everything, YEA HER IDEA!

Villa Epecuén was always in my list, was my next victim to discover. Got this fetish for abandoned places and builinds for shooting.

Five hours driving from the city of Good Airs (Buenos Aires). A small ville that was evacuated completly by rise of the lake in November in 1985. Around 1500 habitans had to abandon their homes. No victims. The ville was under salty water for 20 years. And now it’s a turistic location, like Pompie.

The mood: grey. Same as Escape from Tarkov or Erangel of pubg (shout-out to the gamers) Or even worst, like a warzone. The landscape is beathtaking but it was dead and a bit depresing. Plus, was cold out there, which strangely matched with the enviroment. Wierd energy but powerful. Yup, don’t fuck with pachamama, bro.

We had fun, shooting of the car was great. But wish I had “THE” car for the shooting insted of the Honda, sorry, “a” Honda. (I insist, it’s great city car). I don’t know, a pick-up truck?? something more sporty?? yeaa that new Jimny!! or the new Defender! yes sir!

Which car would you take to this scenario for a shooting?

The crew
Thank you Mica for this killing shot!